Newly launched at the Clapton Country Club, The Opium Room daringly fuses enigma and decadence of Shanghai and Parisian opium den's from 1890's with industrial revolution rusted steel beams, columns and steel sliding doors. This exotic mix is set within the rear of the building mirroring illicit practices of the times.  Furnished with trippy furniture, including oversize doors, under-height yet massive industrial table and benches upholstered in original  Art Nouveau Liberty fabric and an oversize steel opium pipe centred on the table, that doubles up as a candle illuminant and vase, all overlooked by the largest iron chandelier you will ever witness. 

The Opium Room when combined with the overhanging balcony area, seats 30 and 
can be hired as an add on to an event in the main space, for private supper clubs, communal dining and pop up events the space and decor also lends itself for unique photo and film shoots.
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